This is because there is no element whose ID is “show_times”. It tells us the element on which we are trying to set the value of innerHTML is null. Also, the version of npm you’re using is a bit outdated, so whatever’s happening it could be fixed in newer versions already. On Career Karma, learn about the JavaScript Uncaught TypeError: cannot set property ‘innerHTML’ of null error, why the error is raised, and how to solve the error. [Link]( Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Search or submit bugs against the npm CLI or any of our other maintained OSS projects, The official API docs & how-tos for all things npm. Track & follow along with our public roadmap, Contribute ideas & discussion around the npm registry, website & CLI, Contribute ideas & specifications for the API/design of the npm CLI, Reference to the archived community forums, Monitor the current status & see incident reports for the website & registry, See the health of all our maintained OSS projects in one view, Experiencing problems with the website or registry? Cannot read property 'startsWith' of null, I'm facing the same problem I think. I have this error when I try to instal web-push: Can you post the debug log? npm i http-server This is a problem because without using an onload() function, we can only select elements that come before our