), After some more successful tests, I secured and covered the PIC with Kapton tape. Sega Saturn BIOS by Sega. All jumpers and cut traces (yellow circles) were changed back to the factory configuration (except the one next to the reset button). This is something that can always happen, no matter how much attention you pay and how fancy your programmer is. Sega Saturn BIOS v1.003 (1994)(Sega)(JP)(M6) 439 KB Let’s see how the fake Kapton tape that I have since started using instead looks and feels in 10 years.). Again, I found that the frequencies were a bit lower than programmed – the same as what I experienced with the DIL-14 version in my CDI470. Also use the bios sega_101.bin whose region matches with your game’s region. That’s it. Sega Saturn BIOS Pack Emuparadise Contains: Sega Saturn BIOS (EUR).bin Sega Saturn BIOS v1.00 (JAP).bin Sega Saturn BIOS v1.01 (JAP).bin Sega Saturn BIOS v1.00 (US).bin stvbios.zip Use with Saturn emulators like SSF, Yabause, Satourne, Saturnin, and Cassini. Five solder pads were damaged during the rescue operation nine years ago, so I removed what was left of them. The Sega Saturn has a power-hungry RTC. Required fields are marked *. Of course, it’s probably worth noting that you should own the consoles that correspond with these BIOS files or something like that…. (Hint: Don’t forget the black plastic cover in the upper right before screwing the metal case back in.). comment. I attached it to the via hole next to pin 80. However, this issue can be fixed easily. For some emulators you may also have to rename the bios to something else–check your emulator’s documentation to see if this is necessary. Sega Saturn BIOS v1.00a (1995)(Sega)(US)(M6) 446 KB Download OpenEmu Sega Saturn BIOS files. The experiments with this player are not over. I’m sure that any electronics repair shop…, I would love to have my Pico pen repaired. But, before attempting to swap the BIOS chips again, I had a thorough look at the content of the remaining flash memory chips that I had ordered years ago. However, the ingredients dissolve over the years; the tape has dried out and the goo is stuck to all components and cables. Finding the correct BIOS files for this through search engines and forums is a pain in the ass, so I figured I’d post up a zip I’ve compiled of the correct OpenEmu Sega Saturn BIOS files needed for US, EU and JPN region games. Name Last modified Size Status; Go to parent directory: Hitachi Hi-Saturn v1.01 (1995)(Hitachi - Sega)(JP).zip: 11-Sep-2016 09:11: 440.2K: lock: Sega Saturn v1.00 (1994)(Sega)(JP).zip ... Sega Saturn v1.00a (1994)(Sega)(US).zip: 11-Sep-2016 09:11: 446.0K: lock: Sega Saturn v1.01 (1995)(Sega)(JP).zip: 11-Sep-2016 09:11: 439.5K: … It was assumed that it failed because the content wasn’t byte-swapped. First, I located IC8 (SRM20257LLM10 in my Saturn) and removed it: Then, I lifted pins 22 and 28 of a Ramtron FRAM (FM1808-70-SG) and soldered it back to where the SRAM chip was. The now longest and most important wire goes from pin 12 of the PIC to pin 79 of the VDP2 (IC14); it switches between 50 and 60 Hz. Sorry, not in the near future. Sega Saturn BIOS v1.00 (1994)(Sega)(JP)(M6) 446 KB Files for BIOS. Instead of duplicating it, I combined the region-free and the original JP 1.01 BIOS file (copy /B Sega Saturn BIOS v1.01 (multinorm).bin + sega_101.bin newbios.bin). I managed to re-use most components from the previous switchless mod but had to get rid of the stripboard, the socket and the long wires. There are two articles on RetroRGB that explain in detail how it works and basic instructions on the Wolfsoft blog. Sega Saturn BIOS v1.01 (1995)(Sega)(JP)(M6)[h] 441 KB Back …, This is a follow-up to the modifications I did to a NTSC VA15 Saturn. To prevent this, I replaced the battery-backed SRAM with non-volatile FRAM. saturn_bios.bin, Hitachi Hi-Saturn BIOS v1.01 (1995)(Hitachi – Sega)(JP)(M6) 440 KB This year, I wanted to finally finish what I had started back then. In-between, I took a detour because I thought it was a good idea to add a DFO (dual frequency oscillator) as well. Hey guys, here’s another pack of bios files for OpenEmu. It has the exact same issue. Your email address will not be published. Testing region-free (pin 2 to GND) and unaltered (pin 2 to +5 V) BIOS versions: There were no issues this time; my Saturn was able to boot with both BIOS versions right away. One last, successful test with an original Japanese game before I started with the new modifications. Back then, I was modifying my “This is COOL” skeleton SegaSaturn (HST-0021/HST-3220) like crazy, stuffing everything inside that I could find: The region-free BIOS, however, gave me plenty of trouble and I had to put the original BIOS back in. I have a couple of earlier PAL Saturns lying around and will attempt this modification again some other time. Sega Saturn BIOS v1.01a (1995)(Sega)(EU)(M6) 446 Ko Victor V-Saturn BIOS v1.01 (1995)(JVC - Sega)(JP)(M6) 440 Ko Consoles. Before assembling everything back together, I added the +5 V wire for the modchip again and crimped a Dupont connector onto it, for easier removal in the future.